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Envision Strategic Solutions offers a variety of services that can help organizations improve their performance. We know that each organization is unique and has different challenges and opportunities. Our solutions will be designed to meet the needs of the organization we are serving. Our goal is to provide practical solutions that drive real business results. Our primary lines of service include:

Business / HR Consulting

For an organization to achieve sustained high performance, they must be healthy. But what makes up a healthy organization can be confusing and often we focus on the wrong areas or too many initiatives. The road to a healthy organization therefore needs a map. To get where we want to go, we start by understanding where you are today and “Envision” the desired future “location”. This organizational assessment will identify what is most important to the organization as well as how skilled you are at managing each area.

The result of the assessment will be an Organizational Roadmap which provides clear, targeted direction on what to focus on and when. The goal is to enable the organization and leaders to effectively and efficiently lead and operate a healthy long term successful business and therefore achieve the desired Vision. Link to Business/HR Consulting Brochure.

Developing Direct Relationships

This service offering helps organizations assess their ability to develop strong working relationships and know what risk of a union organizing campaign may exist. If high risk is identified, Envision’s program will establish the framework for developing and maintaining direct relationships with your employees. Effectively implementing this program will reduce risk and increase the organization’s ability to perform. Link to Developing Direct Relationships Brochure.

Prescription Benefit Solution

As costs continue to rise in the area of health care, organizations not only need benefits that meet employee needs but that more effectively manages cost. It’s clear the existing model does not work when it comes to prescription drugs. Envision can help organizations better understand their pharmacy benefits and potentially offer solutions that substantially lower the cost of pharmacy benefits. This completely different approach will result in a better managed pharmacy benefit that is fully transparent resulting in substantial savings for the company and employees. Link to Prescription Benefit Brochure.


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